About GoPay.co

GoPay.co is provided, hosted, and powered by Microfirmz Systems. If you are interested in becoming a GoPay.co Merchant, or would like help setting up a similar system; all relevant information is available directly from Microfirmz Systems.

GoPay.co is a service offered to merchants which allows you, the customer, to view the details of a transaction based solely on data in the Transaction History in the bank or credit card statement.

All credit card providers or banks provide an online or written summary of transactions. With this summary a description is listed, which is chosen by the merchant account. Most GoPay.co merchants will list GoPay.co in this description, which tells you that can see more info if you go to GoPay.co.

Once at GoPay.co, you can enter the transaction date, amount, and last four digits of the card number; all of which should be available in your activity listing. After submitting this data you will be given a summary of the merchant for which that transaction occurred, and a relevant website where more contact information is available.